Extract from a ‘self help’ sample

Hi there,

I’ve been experimenting with different kinds of writing. Instead of the usual thriller novella that I write, I’ve decided to focus on non fiction, or self help books. Personally, I don’t read these kinds of books, because, in my free time I don’t really enjoy reading non fiction books. I prefer the escapism that stories provide instead of the self evaluation that this kind of book encourages. Any how, this is a first draft. It isn’t very fluent as it was conducted around two o’clock in the morning on a caffeine fuelled spree of prose miscreation. Thus, don’t expect much.



To be intelligent within yourself, you should have what I like to call the Renaissance mindset. To give context to this, the Renaissance period roughly translated to ‘rebirth’ or rather, the rebirth to curiosity. Before, in the medieval period, knowledge wasn’t considered highly valuable, rather wealth was considered above all else. Few were educated and followed religion stalwartly, basically being spoon fed whatever information they were given. As we all know, the Roman physician Galen was a Catholic, therefore all his findings were given as the gospel truth so his theories weren’t challenged or even experimented with. However, with new minds such as Vesalius and Harvey, some of Galen’s discoveries were proven false such as how many bones were in the body. The public began to slowly move further from religion, hence beginning the Renaissance period.

That is quite a blunt outline of what happened in time but hey, that’s my state school history class for you. To verge from my political ranting, the Renaissance republic was one of an inquisitive nature. More people began to read and write, really challenging what they knew about the world about them. History, science, maths, psychology, philosophy and the arts became of a larger focus, therefore, people became more intelligent. What we can gain from this is that the more we study in a plethora of aspects, the more we understand. So, if you dislike a certain subject such as maths or geography, learn more about it! If you can’t practise physics for the life of you, crack open a textbook. The more we work upon our weaknesses, the further we can develop our strengths. Maths is all around us whether we like it or not. The world is made up of nouns, adverbs and adjectives. Find the route of your discomfort and open the borders. No, you don’t have to become an expert but still, practise a little! Through this we can learn more about the world and earn further depth to our mind and character. And for the sake of this, read a book every week. It sounds tiresome but it will do a world of good. Start off on your favourites and move onto something more challenging. You will become more prolific in your speech and thus more articulate in the process.

Another aspect that we should focus on is our body itself. I know, it is awful to think about but getting fit can help you so much! Not only knowledge but health and happiness is the object of existence. A similar quote to that is from the Buddha, ‘health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.’ Which leads me onto others around you.

It is common knowledge that the people we have as company affect as people. Thus by having friends with well rounded lives, successful careers and, I suppose, happy lives can influence you in certain ways. To be blunt, if you don’t like your friends, you won’t be inclined to be a very happy person. Hence, if you have people that are close to you that are affecting how joyful you can be, it is best to get out of such a relationship. As unhappiness is toxic in its own way. True, being constantly happy is unreasonable and, overall, unreachable. However, being content is fathomable. What I mean by content isn’t an onslaught of constant joy and elation, rather calm and prosperity in its own way.

Being calm can be difficult in our lives. Stress frequently affects us everyday, preventing us from functioning to our highest capacity. Work, family and friends can be the causes of stress. Friction in relationships are often the root of any tired mind. Thus, an outside perspective should always be brought into account when evaluating the feelings and strife that could accumulate in such a situation.


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